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Recent Contributors

Marc Lynch, D.O. Date Received: 10/15/2016
"PM in Chino appreciate your ever present assistance"
Daniel Van Beek Date Received: 02/4/2016
Sue DiSanto Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 05/31/2013
"GUYS! Don't forget us on "F"Street! Good job, guys!"
MNM Construction Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 12/27/2012
"Run For Russ Donation "
Jason Cloke Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 07/10/2012
M.K. Smith Chevrolet Date Received: 07/9/2012
CPMA Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 07/5/2012
"Donation for Police Museum on behalf of the Chino Police Management Association."
Hertica Family Date Received: 09/21/2011
Stefan & Melissa Lanthier Date Received: 09/20/2011
"We Pray that Gods hand will be on you all and guide you through this time in Jesus name Amen."
Anonymous Date Received: 09/20/2011
"Praying for your family during this difficult time."
David Duarte Amount: $ 20.00 Date Received: 09/15/2011
"God Bless Your Family!"
U.P.O.A. Upland Police Officers Association Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 09/15/2011
JOSEPH HENDERSON Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 09/14/2011
"Your boy is giving me the confidence and faith to continue in my police career...I too have a brain tumor but I will continue to put on my uniform and hopefully make an impact as large as Jose's. God bless you all. "
Anonymous Date Received: 09/12/2011
"What a wonderful addition to our poice family. Always in our heart."
Matt Grindley Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 09/8/2011
"Jose, you are a true warrior. God bless your family."
Alexander Van Dam Date Received: 09/6/2011
"I am a Dutch prosecutor who has very recently spend two weeks within the LA Sheriff's Dept. I therefore understand, just like Jose, how great it is to be a police officer! "
Bill Covington Date Received: 09/6/2011
Joe Mullins Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/27/2011
Anonymous Date Received: 08/26/2011
"Stay strong."
J. Ruiz Date Received: 08/25/2011
"God bless you and your family."
Atascadero Police Asscoiation Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/23/2011
Threshold Technologies, Inc. Mark & Lisa DiLullo Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 08/23/2011
"Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Jose Verduzco and his family! The CPD is awesome! "
Riverside Police Officers' Association Date Received: 08/23/2011
"Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Verduzco Family."
Greg Bowers Date Received: 08/23/2011
"West Chicago PD"
Kari Graves Date Received: 08/23/2011
"Wonderful job CPD!! This story brings tears and pride to my heart. My prayers go to Jose, his family and his CPD family!"
Freddie Chavez Date Received: 08/22/2011
Mark Goddard Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 08/22/2011
"My prayers are with you. Merced County District Attorney's Office."
Robert Tarango Date Received: 08/22/2011
Flores LA PORT PD Date Received: 08/22/2011
"Que dios los bendiga."
Steve Santiago Date Received: 08/21/2011
"Burbank PD"
Ariana Hernandez Date Received: 08/21/2011
Barry Blackburn Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/21/2011
"God Bless you You and yours. Barry Blackburn..Manteca PD"
Andy Schlenker Date Received: 08/20/2011
"My thoughts and prayers are with Jose, his family and all of the hearts he has touched. "
Anonymous Date Received: 08/19/2011
"May God Bless your Family "
Jacqueline Lozano Date Received: 08/19/2011
"You are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your family, you are truly an inspiration! "
PO Jonathan Collins Date Received: 08/19/2011
"God Bless you Jose, you make me proud to be a police officer! From your friends at the Port Authority Police of NY/NJ "
Michael Reynoso Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/19/2011
"Officer Verduzco, you are a hero and inspiration to all, my thought and prayers are with you and your Family, may God bless you young man."
SUZY ANDERSON Date Received: 08/19/2011
"Congratulations Officer Verduzco - Thank you for serving our community! Love & Prayers! Suzy Anderson & Guy Fisher"
Anonymous Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/19/2011
"May God sustain you and provide for you in the days ahead. You are in my prayers!"
Danny Calleros Date Received: 08/19/2011
"Congratulations Jose and welcome to the law enforcement family! Great job Chino PD!"
Scott Wright Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/18/2011
Gina Vangel Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 08/18/2011
"Jose you look cool in your police uniform - the most handsome Honorary Police Officer I have ever seen. God bless you and your family."
Anonymous Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 08/18/2011
Jim Hill Date Received: 08/18/2011
"An awesome addition to Chino's finest. God bless you and your family"
Jodi Summers Date Received: 08/18/2011
Petty Santos Date Received: 08/18/2011
"An awesome recruit! God Bless Jose and his Family!"
Ronald Caruso Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/18/2011
"God bless Officer Jose Verduzco and his family. The Chino PD has demonstrated true class and professionalism helping this family. Captain Ron Caruso Burbank PD"
Louise & Serena Mumford Date Received: 08/18/2011
"Officer Verduzco, our prayers are with you and your family. "
Yolander Garner Date Received: 08/18/2011
"From my family to yours. Peace and blessings. Yolander Garner and Family."
Vickie Neal Date Received: 08/18/2011
"Jose, our thoughts and prayers are with you. NICB"
Joseph Berger Date Received: 08/17/2011
Andy Diaz Date Received: 08/17/2011
"Great to see Honorary Officer Verduzco is 10-8! Crooks, beware..."
Darin DeFreece Date Received: 08/17/2011
"A fine recruit, and awesome addition to any police department!"
William Vanek Date Received: 08/17/2011
"Jose, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of need. A fellow brother in Uniform. "
Anonymous Date Received: 08/17/2011
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jose and his family. They are not alone in this battle, the Lord is with them every step of the way. "
Susan Barge Date Received: 08/17/2011
"Love and prayers from West Covina Police Department."
Rhonda Maher Date Received: 08/17/2011
"Officer Jose Verduzco and family, God's Blessing and many prayers."
Mary (Mariana) Martinez Date Received: 08/15/2011
"You are an angel who was brought to this earth to teach us all about compassion, love and kindness."
Miles Pruitt Date Received: 08/15/2011
"Jose, Your bravery is inpirational."
MICHAEL WALTERS Date Received: 08/14/2011
Shirley Pullen Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/13/2011
Robert & Pamela Macek Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 08/13/2011
"While He was on the Cross Jose was on His Mind"
Scott Anger Amount: $ 10.00 Date Received: 08/13/2011
"you can beat anything my family is with you"
Anita & Isidro Cuevas Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/13/2011
"God bless you "Officer" Jose and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are an amazing child."
Mauricio Lange Amount: $ 10.00 Date Received: 08/13/2011
"As a father myself, i am in tears as i think about what his family is going through. God Bless Jose and the Verduzco family."
Lindsey Barfield Date Received: 08/13/2011
"You are an amazing young man."
Frank & Tiffany Cota Date Received: 08/13/2011
"I read this story in the Chino Champion this morning. Here is a small donation Officer Jose Verduzco "Our thoughts & prayers are with you & Your family..." "
Anonymous Date Received: 08/13/2011
"Jose, you have a lot of people praying for you."
Joseph May Date Received: 08/13/2011
"Class Act Chino PD and CPOA... Way to give a positive for Law Enforcement. Thooughts & Prayers to the Verduzco family for peace an understanding as they deal with this."
Charles Sample Date Received: 08/13/2011
"My prayers are with you Officer Jose Verduzco. You have made a great Police Department even better."
Edie Stassi-Garcia Date Received: 08/12/2011
Anonymous Date Received: 08/12/2011
"Prayers going out to this brave young "Police Officer" and his family."
Anonymous Date Received: 08/12/2011
"I wish I could help more, Jose. I know you'll make a great Policeman. My best wishes to you and your family. -Dan"
Anonymous Date Received: 08/12/2011
"God Bless the Verduzco's May He bring you healing and comfort."
Donn Miller Date Received: 08/12/2011
"I saw your story on the news last night. I was overcome with emotion. I don't have a lot of money, but here is a small donation. God bless Jose and your family."
Anonymous Date Received: 08/12/2011
"Our prayers are with Jose and your family. God is with you, you are not alone. "
Maryke Schmidt Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 08/11/2011